Duration:  8:00 – 16:15
Location Room 2
Max. Capacity 7 pp per station
Each WS duration: 45 min
Faculties Andrea Trescot, Roderick Finlayson, Andrzej Krol, Micha Sommer, Agi Stogicza, Athmaja Thottungal, Belarmino Gonçalves, Ismael Atchia, Christ Declerck, Stanley Lam, Kamen Vlassakov, Husni Alakkad, Charles Oliveira, Philip Peng
WS 1 Cervical spine facet
WS 2 Lumbar spine
WS 3 SIJ joint and denervation
WS 4 Stellate, SSN
WS 5 GON, intercostal
WS 7 Piriformis/Pudendal N
WS 8 Shoulder
WS 9 Hip and knee joint, trochanteric bursa injection
WS 10 Elbow and wrist
WS 11 Ask the expert: open station to ask sonoanatomy
WS 12 Peripheral nerve entrapment