10th May

€90/ person

The Yeatman is located in the historic heart of Vila Nova de Gaia, next to the ancient ‘lodges’ where Port houses have aged their wines for over three centuries.

Many of the oldest Port firms were founded by British merchant families and are owned by their successors to this day. The Yeatmans, who entered the Port trade in 1838, were among the most distinguished and enterprising of the Port families. Their descendants maintain this tradition as owners of three of the most famous Port companies.

In 2006, the opportunity arose for another high profile project, a landmark luxury hotel in a stunning location overlooking the historic centre of Porto. Named The Yeatman, in celebration of the family’s historic link with the city, it draws on its owners’ expertise in both fine wine production and luxury hotel management to become one of the world’s leading wine hotels. Opened since August 2010, it became Gaia’s address of choice, the hotel which defines the city.