Lara Ribeiro

Lara Ribeiro

Lara Ribeiro

Anesthesiologist | Hospital de Braga

Lara Georgina Gonçalves Ribeiro is an Anesthesiologist since 2010.

She has a special dedication to regional anesthesia, integrating the anesthesia groups for orthopedics and advanced studies in regional anesthesia, coordinating the regional anesthesia “block room” and is responsible for the articulation and support of foreign residents attending the optional regional anesthesia internship of Hospital de Braga.

Member of the working group responsible for the production of the “Recommendations of Regional Anesthesia for Ambulatory Surgery”, organized by the Associação Portuguesa de Cirurgia de Ambulatório, APCA, in 2014.

Faculty of several national and international Regional Anesthesia Courses and course director of national courses of ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia.

Member of CAR Board since 2013.

Participated in the scientific committee and organization of national regional anesthesia meetings, as well as speaker and abstract jury member.

Author and co-author of several scientific papers communicated at national and international meetings in the area of regional anesthesia. Author of 2 chapters of the Manual de Sonoanatomia aplicada a Bloqueios de Nervos Periféricos, a portuguese regional anesthesia book.