The City of Porto

Unique, exquisite and authentic, Porto is, like its wine, a treasure to be slowly appreciated…

2000 years of history can hardly be seen at a glance. In fact, you can really travel in time by recognizing different architectural styles in an incredible concentration of churches, monasteries, palaces and old manor houses around the region.

Here, art is literally in the street. Declared part of the World Heritage by Unesco, Porto is made of narrow streets embraced by the river’s mist, shadowy stone buildings decorated with hanging colorful clothes in the windows, the cries of the local merchant women and the joyful plays of children. A city with a soul, vibrating with life.

Concentrate in your goal, get the work done and then enjoy a well-deserved leisure time.

Porto offers you the best of both worlds: ideal venues for incentive events in charming settings, a variety of ambiences and a choice of after work activities at a nearby distance.

Try the golf courses, a cruise up the Douro river, a visit to the Port wine cellars, a stroll in the countryside, or start with a rich, tasty meal, in any of the numerous great restaurants available.

In Porto the menu includes tailor-made events a la carte, which range from corporate conventions to management meetings, all flavored with professional catering, excellent service and a hint of cheerfulness.

In Northern Portugal people have always been very fond of their roots and traditions, kept almost unchanged for centuries and cherished generation after generation .

Both old spaces and forgotten traditions are now very lively and set a new trend of values for popular culture, with a strong bond to nature and the region.

It can be seen in any traditional commerce shop booming with natural products and local arts and crafts.

Patriotic as they feel people are always happy to be of service and ready and willing to greet you with helpful information and a smile. And that is authentically genuine.

Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa

A warm welcome awaits you at the Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa. Located in the heart of the business district, Sheraton Porto offers you the opportunity to explore and connect with the best-kept secret in Europe! Unique, exquisite and authentic, Porto is, like its wine, a treasure to be slowly appreciated.

Enjoy the convenience of being only a short walk away from the city’s rich heritage, where you connect with 800 years of history and experience Port Wine directly from its birthplace

Step into a world where fine art, design and comfort blend beautifully at the Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa. This hotel is a modern wonder of marble, wood, steel, and glass, situated in the business and cultural district of Porto. Enjoy the convenience of being only a short walk away from fabulous shopping, art museums, and nightlife.

At the end of a long day or the beginning of a busy one, visit the unique spa and wellness centre for body and beauty treatments, based on the seven pillars of well-being: beauty, harmony, vitality, aqua, life balance, nature, and nutrition. Or check out the indoor heated swimming pool, health club, or fitness center.

O Centro Biomédico de Simulação CHP-ICBAS
Rua D. Manuel II, Centro Hospitalar do Porto
Edifício ex CICAP
4050 PORTO


Av. da Boavista, 4050-113 Porto

hospital Militar Lima

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